We offer farmers Slick genetic solutions, with our Kiwipole™ breedlines specifically bred for dairy herds in tropical climates to mitigate heat stress and improve animal welfare.

Thermo Regulatory Genetics has bred the world’s first team of homozygous Slick Jerseys, and owns the largest dairy breeding nucleus of Slick animals in the world to mitigate heat stress, improve milk production and animal welfare. In addition to Jerseys, our Holstein and Crossbreed teams have superior heat tolerance.

Why Go Slick?

Slick cows have body temperatures up to  1 degree Celsius (approx. 2 degrees Fahrenheit) cooler than non-Slick cows. They are a targeted 100% Taurus animal, yet as heat tolerant as Indicus breeds. Cows with Slick genetics not only tolerate the stresses of tropical climates, they thrive:
As you can see, there are no downsides to introducing Slick genetics into your herd, but many upsides such as milk production, reproduction, animal welfare and environmental impact. 

It’s not just another breed: it’s a genetic solution to an environmental and production challenge.

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