Genetics Range

The Kiwipole™

The Kiwipole™ is a quantum leap forward for heat tolerance, offering up to 4 liters/8.82 pounds per day more milk and up to a 2 month shorter calving interval. Thermo Regulatory Genetics owns the Kiwipole™ and continues to develop the composite breeding program and the efficacy data, to provide farmers the most profitable dairy genetics for their farming system and levels of heat stress.
The ‘Slick gene’ that the Kiwipole™ bull team possesses enable their daughters to regulate their body temperature whilst maintaining milk yield in conditions of heat stress. These cows are able to breed back quicker, therefore providing more days in milk. This is a new and exciting science-driven breed, to enhance the longevity and productivity of your herd in ever-challenging climatic conditions.Our Kiwipole™ breedlines have proven dairy type, the associated milkability and genetic potential proven for over 10 years in a NZ large scale commercial herd. They are as heat tolerant as Indicus breeds but are 100% Taurus.
We have true-to-breed and emerging purebred bloodlines in place for: